Get to know us


I have always loved accessorizing. It helped me express myself in ways that words could not. I have also always struggled with my self-esteem and the idea of loving my true self. In 2019, I got so tired of all the self-hate and the baggage that came with that, so I decided to do something about it. I promised myself to actively try and stop the negative thoughts and shift my focus to my strengths. This, along with a lot of other factors is what inspired me to create ZTQ Jewels. A jewelry brand not just focused on the jewelry but the intention behind it.   


At its core ZTQ Jewels is a jewelry brand that aims to empower, enlighten and inspire individuals through their journey within. It is for anyone who is trying to live and love their authentic self while working to become a better version of themselves. All our jewels are curated for you and your story. We are here to support, empower and remind you of your true potential.

What we do 

We provide quality unique pieces that hold meaning. All of which are long-wear, water and sweat resistance, and hypoallergenic. We are a small team of queens trying to spread the positivity and support we believe the world needs. Since we are a small company, we take our time to make sure all our orders are packed and fulfilled with love and care. Hence why your love and support mean the world to us.


We envision a world where people in need are offered the help that they can't afford or don't have time to get. We envision a world where all humans are equal and treated as such. We envision a world that works more like a community and less like a competition. We envision a world where ZTQ Jewels can support and empower those who need it. To build a community full of people like yourself who want to build a better future and a better world.