Haven't Been Feeling Good Enough ? Here are Some Reasons and Tips

Haven't Been Feeling Good Enough ? Here are Some Reasons and Tips

So you haven’t been feeling good enough? Don't worry we've all been there, some more than others but it's normal to feel like this. The vast majority of you that read this post most likely feel this way more than often. I understand your struggle! Here are a few underline reasons why you may be feeling this way.

Your inner critic

Yeah, we all have that little voice in our head that is constantly judging us and our every move. That is your inner critic. When it gets to the point where you are feeling unworthy (in any situation you find yourself in) because of your inner critic, it is time to take action. In reality, it does not and should not have that kind of power over you. Scroll to the tips section to find out how to take back control!

Toxic Relationship

This one is kind of a hot topic. But here at ZTQ Jewels, we thrive on being authentic/vulnerable. After all, that is how human connections are made. Now, if you think the source of these feelings are coming from a relationship you have. Whether it be your parents, friends, partner etc. then let me tell you how to know for sure. If after most conversations, you are left with a decreased sense of worth, if you surround yourself with overcritical people that judge your every move. These are a few signs that you have a toxic relationship.

Please note that there is a difference between Toxic and Abusive(mentally/physically)- please reach out to someone you trust if you think its more of an abusive relationship

Some kind of trauma

Whether it be childhood trauma or even adult trauma, they both leave people with a low sense of worth. I cannot talk a lot about this one because there are numerous types of traumatic situations and this can be it's own book. So for that reason as well, I will be unable to give you tips but, my DMs are always open to talk !

Now I am not just going to leave you hanging with reasons. Here are some tips that may help you negate these feelings.

Disclaimer: There are an infinite amount of tips I could give but, all of them will be useless if they don't apply to your situation. So I will go through each reason and give some tips on how to negate the feeling.

Tips On Silencing Your Inner Critic :

  • Your Inner Critic Is Not You. When you hear that mean, degrading voice in your head, that's not you talking.
  • Give Your Critic a Name - The goal is to completely detach from your inner critic. 
  • Sympathize Instead of Criticize. Choose sympathy over criticism. 
  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments.

For more details on this visit: https://urbanbalance.com/how-to-silence-your-inner-critic/

Tips on Leaving a Toxic Relationship

  • Step out of denial - if you are still doubting leaving the relationship
  • Keep a log of emotions- so that you can self -reflect after this journey and be proud of how far you have come.
  • Focus on the good things that come with it - on the problems that you used to have but now don't.
  • Fill the void - with an old hobby or exploring things that you think you might like 
  • Rest and heal - surround yourself with positivity and things that cater joy 

If you want a more detailed description of these tips, visit: https://psychcentral.com/blog/you-deplete-me-10-steps-to-end-a-toxic-relationship/


Remember that feeling not good enough is just a feeling. Feelings stem from thoughts and thoughts are just suggestions. Love you for reading this !


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